May musings

It’s Monday the 4th of May, which means the much awaited beginning of waving goodbye to the Cov 19 induced stay indoors lockdown, slowly reassembling the way things were, and trying to revert back to life as normal.

Today the Mayor of Rome will open the Villa Borghese, museums are due to re open on the 18th, and coffee bars will bit by bit in waves follow suit and reopen at ‘long’ espresso last.

We’re in what more or less is week 8 of lockdown and, ‘when in Rome style’, the weather is blooming beautiful, so being able to walk freely around the historical centre of 3000 year old ancient Rome and buy a Campari at the Spanish steps, will be like something out of a movie.

Michelangelo said “Genius is eternal patience”.

The best things come to those who wait. And now the time has come to click those heels three times and be transported back to your favourite Roman monument.


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