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Cancellation policy:

Your tour and booked tour dates are personally tailored for your individual needs. Dates are exclusively blocked for you on the Minerva Tours annual agenda once arranged. Any itineraries discussed, planned and pre-booked require hours of preparation in advance including pre-booking tickets for historic sites, research, and booking arrangements for special events in and out of Rome. This includes communication on your behalf with other service providers eg drivers, hotels, restaurants, bars, wine/food tours, educational classes etc.

Your deposit covers the cost of pre organisation, and is non refundable.


Due to the current worldwide situation regarding the Coronavirus, it is advisable to contact your Insurance policy for possible reimbursement options available to you eg (CFAR) coverage.

Bookings already made for tours during the current closure of public places in Italy since 13/3/20 until further notice, can contact Minerva Tours by email for rescheduling where possible.