Borghese: Make a day of it

borghese animani casina raffaello play room  borghese animani

The Borghese gardens and villa is one of Minerva Tours Rome’s best recommendations for what to do in Rome.

With the Borghese’s beauty, art, views over the city, nature, treasure hunts and a boating lake, it really does have it all. It is Rome’s answer to Central Park in it’s enormity, and being an escape from the city, within the centre of town.

villa borghese 8

The Borghese park is a baroque green space, once owned by the Cardinal Scipione Borghese, who resided there in the 1500’s, creating a “villa of delights,” as he liked to define the property. The Villa property was bought by the Italian state in 1901 and thankfully opened to the public two years later.

These are some of our favourite things to do at Villa Borghese.

Boating lake

This 18th century boating lake boasts a mini temple dedicated to the God of Healing.


Feed the Birds and the Ducks on the lake

villa borgh Temple_Aesculapius_Villa-Borghese_rome1.jpg

Gallery Borghese

Bernini, Titain, Raphael and Caravaggio art all under one roof in a unique Cardinal’s country residence.


Oh, and by the way, did we mention that the park is designed in the shape of a heart.


Bio Park


Marcella the zebra @ Borghese’s Bio park

Situated in the heart of Villa Borghese with around 200 animal species, including mammals, birds and reptiles, the Bio Park offers both young and old the possibility to come close to the nature world and have fun learning the importance of wildlife and habitat conservation. Inside the Bio Park, visitors can also find the Wildlife Rescue Center of LIPU (Italian Society for the Protection of Birds), a small hospital where can be seen, for example, tawny owls, barn owls, blackbirds being treated, etc.
Zebras are just some of the special animals to see at the Bio Park.


borghese trenino_al_Bioparco_di_Roma.jpg

The train takes you from the Bio Park to the gardens. A fun ride for the Bambini.

Afternoon espresso at the Casina Validier


Decadent momento for Espresso

Marine Horse Fountain

borg galleria-borghese-1.jpg

Beautiful Baroque masterpiece

A perfect photo momento.

Pincio Balcony


Breath taking balcony views above Rome’s domes and rooftops. Brilliant view of Michelangelo’s Dome.

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